Automation does not trigger when one of the conditional motions sensors is Offline

I finally identified a bug this morning that had been occurring for a couple days. I have an Automation to disarm STHM each morning when a list of conditions are met. This is an automation that I have used both pre and post migration and has generally worked well for years. Today was the third morning in a row it didn’t trigger and through debugging I found that the automation does not trigger if one of the motion sensors used in the IF condition is offline. After removing and reinstalling the battery the sensor connection was restored and the automation works again and disarms STHM. The battery level was 50%. This is one of two SmartThings motion sensors and is the first time I have had to reset one to restore the connection to the hub. I hope this is useful info for anyone troubleshooting automations.

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Did you submit a ticket? It won’t help many if Samsung doesn’t know about it.

Yes I did.