Zwave Motion Sensor events not reliably triggering automations (March 2019)

I use the Dome and Aeotec Multisensor 6 motion sensors. Sometimes it works fine, but many times I see in the log events coming from the sensor but the handler subscribed on the event is not triggered. It looks like the device handler is receiving the event from the sensor and is logging the event, but is not passing it over to the App. After a while it might start working again for a while. It’s very inconsistent. The device handlers I use are the ones picked by the application. It’s interesting that this is happening with 2 different device handlers. Since I have no visibility into the device handlers I’m pretty much in the dark.

Has anyone experienced the same? Any idea on what’s the problem and how it can be resolved? Or maybe an idea how can I further troubleshoot it? Any idea would be appreciated.

Which specific automations are failing to trigger? SmartLighting? Smart home Monitor? A routine? A custom smartapp?

Also, which version of the SmartThings app are you using: classic or “SmartThings (Samsung connect)”?

Can you post a screenshot of the automation which is failing?

A custom SmartApp