Automation action floods the activity feed with repeated messages

I have what I believe is a simple automation task to turn my patio lights on and off at sunset +20 minutes and sunrise - 20 minutes. The action seems to work as expected, but the activity feed gets flooded with entries when the sunset or sunrise action occurs (see screenshot). Any idea what might cause this?

Did I do something wrong with the automation rule (see screenshot (crap, only one image is allowed for new users, I’ll try to add a reply with the rule setup))?

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Continued with config screenshot…

One more screenshot to show the full config.

Also, this is using the Smart Lighting smartapp. I have other actions in this app to turn on and off lights, but only one or the other (on or off), not both like I did in this one.

Definitely looks like something’s wrong. I would report it to and let them look at it.

I was having a phantom event every sunrise in a Smart Lighting automation about a week ago, but they did something that fixed it. Not multiple events like you’re seeing, though.

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On second thought… This could just be one off command for each light in your group. Did you count the occurrences?

You can look at the activity log for each individual light, and if each one is only getting one off command then that would be normal behavior. Or is this just one device?

There’s only one light in the group. I’ll send this of to support and see what they say. Thanks for taking a look.

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I’m seeing the same issue. Just reported to support as well.

I’m seeing the same kind of issue. Did anyone get a response from support? Is it an issue in our configuration? Or is there something that they need to fix?

No response for me yet. Hopefully we see a fix in the next update.

Edit: Just got a response from support. They are escalating it to the engineers, ill post an update when I hear something.

I’m seeing the same thing where I see 15 or more messages in my activity feed, all with the same timestamp.

As I’m a newbie having only set up my system about 1 week ago I was thinking that perhaps the Z-wave device was sitting at the far range of where the ST hub could reliably talk to it meaning that perhaps the ST hub was sending multiple commands over and over again until the Z-wave device responded. I haven’t looked into the protocol used by ST hub to talk to devices and how they are supposed to respond/reply back to the hub so maybe my theory is junk.

Looking forward to a fix…

I got a response from Support and am attempting to work with them to address the issue. So far, they don’t know what the issue is. They have told me that they have raised a ticket with their development staff to figure out what is going on.

Support is aware of this thread as well.

Any updates? We had a recent ST hub update but do we know this is an app issue or a hub issue?