Automatic Lighting?

I have a Z-wave light switch that I’m trying to automatically turn on when the door opens (with the smartthings door sensor) or a motion sensor is tripped. And turn off after the motion sensor has no motion detected. How would I go about doing this?

welcome! :sunglasses: You can do this with the official Smart Lights feature In the smartthings app. Support can help you if you get stuck on this.

Here are the instructions:


I recommend using the SmartApp webCoRE. You’ll be able to do this and more quite easily!

Based upon the OP, it’s much easier to do this in the official Smart Lighting Smartapp. It takes around 5 seconds to setup each condition routine with the benefit of the false condition action. It also gives the user the benefit of local processing provided that the devices are supported.

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It is true that it might be easier to set up—but should the user want to make it more complicated down the line, webCoRE would be a better option. Additionally, I find reliability much better using webCoRE than I do the official Smart Lighting SmartApp.

I believe in the right too for the job. CoRE is too much for such as simple automation, its also slower than SmartLighting too. For a simple door automation, the extra second or two of lag might just be noticeable enough to frustrate those whom depend on this automation if they find themselves walking into a dark hallway.

WebCoRE is great.

But I agree with others that a dead simple automation like this, for someone that seems to be brand new to ST, should be done in smart lighting.

I would be very surprised if you get more than a second of lag with webCoRE. I don’t and I’m using lightwave products.

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People have described pretty variable experiences with lag in automations, with both local and cloud processing.

Here is one I have setup using webCoRE. Turns lights on for 1 minute when motion is activated.