Light timer with auto off

Hi, so I have a z-wave from the door switch that I setup to have a light come on when the door is open. Thing I see I want it to only stay on for 60 seconds then turn back off. I can set a automation routine to have the light to come on but can’t seem to find where to have it go back off after 60 seconds.
Does anyon know how I can do this or a smart App?
Thank you

Smart Lighting?

I have smart bulbs already but I want smartthings to know when I’m home and when I open the front door to turn on the light but then turn it back off after 60 seconds.
There doesent seem to be any type of timer on any routine unless I’m overlooking it.

Yes, smart lighting and choose the power allowance option

Ohhh my bad… the Smart Lighting app… Awesome thank you!!