Automatic Edge transition for Technisat Z-Wave switch

I’ve got a two rocker Z-Wave switch made by Technisat that finally migrated over to the new Edge driver the other day. Unfortunately, I’m now missing a couple of vital setting options for the device, commands are no longer running locally and the device isn’t properly listed in the ST app.

@nayelyz Could you please have someone take a look at this?

The “Technisat Series switch flush mount” uses Z-Wave and can control to separately connected light sources with the two rockers. The device also provides power measurements for each of the two inputs.

After manually running through the setup process again, the device now shows up as three separate device entries (compared to the previous two) in the ST app:

Two of those are child devices are apparently not running locally anymore:

The local, “main” device is showing up as a dimmer instead of a switch. The power button for this device entry also controls both inputs at the same time.

The two child devices are associated with the two separate inputs and present proper power readings. However, response times are bad, since they are running in the cloud.

Furthermore, the official, old drivers provided additional settings for the device which are now missing from the new Edge driver. See page 19 in the official Technisat instruction manual for a list of the missing parameters.

Some more screenshots for the three device listings:

You may want to look at @Mariano_Colmenarejo Edge driver:

I’ll give the custom device driver you’ve mentioned a try. However, this issue should still be addressed (@nayelyz maybe?), as the Technisat devices are listed in the ST app and other customers might run into this issue as well, when going through the official setup process.

Hi, @TOMillr
Do you remember which DTH were these devices using?

We found two DTHs that might be related:



And, it’s likely those devices weren’t ported to the official drivers because SmartThings is not the owner of them, you can differentiate them from the location in the repository, they have their own folder instead of being in the SmartThings folder.

@nayelyz Not sure I follow. I setup this device about two years ago by just selecting the device “Technisat Series Switch” right in the ST app. So my best guess, it should have used this one:
Technisat Series Switch DTH

The device used to work fine until last week, when the DTH was apparently automatically switched over to a new Edge driver.

Any news regarding this device or an answer to my follow-up question above?

Still haven’t got any response regarding the automatic transition to a default Z-Wave Edge driver that has broken my device. Neither ST support nor the device maker TechniSat (which still promotes SmartThing compatibility on their website) have responded to my request.

The TechniSat devices are also still listed in the ST app. The previous DTH worked fine and exposed all the additional capabilities of the device.

Just to reiterate: The automatic transition from DTH to Edge driver has installed a driver that doesn’t match the device. There’s clearly something wrong with the fingerprint database.

did you try the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc Edge driver I linked to?

Channel invite to enroll the driver: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things

The other day I commented, in the context of NodOn, that it is really confusing to, and unfair on, end users when stock device handlers have explicit fingerprints and bespoke handling of devices and then those devices seemingly aren’t ported to Edge because they don’t actually have the required WWST certification. Could those devices have looked more supported? Apparently they could because …

Here we have device handlers that were managed in the repository and devices that are explicitly listed in the app, and again they apparently haven’t been ported. Yes the handlers appeared to be owned by Technisat, but you could argue that, picking an example I’ve seen lately, the Keen Home vent handlers weren’t owned by ST either and those seem to have been ported to stock drivers. So end users can’t really read anything into that.

There may be explanations for this based on business relationships but how does that help end users who aren’t party to them and just find their smart home stop working?

Yes, the Edge driver you’ve linked to works better than the default Z-Wave driver the device was automatically moved over to. However, it’s still missing some key configuration options, the previous DTH surfaced to the end user via the settings menu.

That’s why the silence from @nayelyz or the ST team is disconcerting to me.

The fact that the hardware manufacture as well as the devices are listed in the ST app, suggests to the end user that those device are officially supported.

Furthermore, even if the previous DTH code was indeed provided my the manufacture and not hosted by ST, the automatic transition of those devices wasn’t initiated by the manufacture but by ST. So basically ST broke the device by switching them over to a basic Z-Wave driver before they were ready for primetime.

You can post in the thread and ask if @Mariano_Colmenarejo can add the settings you are looking for. :slight_smile: