August Smartlock Integration

Does anybody know when the August Smartlock will integrate with ST? There are multiple discussions on the dev. of the API but know information on when that is going to happen.

I hate to sound negative but at this point it’s looking like never is the appropriate answer.

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Where is the unlike button?

This is on the device integration roadmap for one of the very first bluetooth devices we connect. I am not sure where the integration is with the August wi-fi bridge. @thegilbertchan?

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Does anyone actually have one of these? I’d like to get this style of smart lock, but the Amazon reviews make it sound like a total dumpster fire.

I own two , 1 set up in my home and the other in my vacation home .
Love love love them. Just hate that no integration with Smartthings.
Other than that again I will repeat love love love them.

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I replaced mine with Schlage z waves. Got tired of waiting on integration. The connection was spotty at best, no real features for $250 a piece.

We have one. It does exactly what it says it will on the box. There may or may not be any integration later on but since it isn’t an advertised feature I wouldn’t expect it.

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Overall my experience has been great, slight lag here and there when connecting through my phone but that is expected.
Auto unlocking when coming home is an awesome feature no more grabbing those keys.

Wish it did integrate an auto lock when leaving but I feel much more safer doing it myself and checking.
And I don’t mean the 5 min auto lock. Geofence style is what I mean.

I have a beta version of Yonomi app on IOS and it integrates with this August Lock. Disappointing that another app can do this integration but Smartthings has not yet…

Yeah no kidding, I just found out about and tried Yonomi and seems like it integrates pretty well, and I’m wondering why Smarthings hasn’t been able to do a similar integration, or a bluetooth integration.

Any updates on integration?

From August support "Thanks for reaching out. We do plan to work on an integration with SmartThings but currently do not have any timeframe as to when this will be done. Stay tuned to for any announcements.

Let us know if you have any other questions."

Im still confused as to how the Yonomi app can have this solution working but smart things can’t build something.

So I just came across this searching the forms:

This seams to be pretty straight forward except where do I add the address key in the json file is this under platform or under accessories and help would be appreciated

I’m glad you figured it out unfortunately too many variables for me to trust it as a door lock.

Are there any other deadbolts that are cylindrical inside and out?

Care to elaborate?

I totally get what you mean.
I just purchased one of their keypads, mostly for the occasion that my phone battery dies then I’ve got that as a backup. But a neat feature I’ve ended up using a lot more often is if you press the red button on the bottom without entering a code the door locks immediately. So after I close the door I just press the button and as I’m walking away I hear the door lock. So something like that could be a solution to you?

You are correct I have purchased one also but would of preferred not paying $80-90 for just that feature lol.

I have a first generation August Smart Lock that I just integrated into a Raspberry Pi 3. It works REALLY well. I was also able to integrate all of my TP-Link devices into ST even thought they use WiFi instead of Z-Wave or Zigbee protocol.

I highly suggest messing around with a Raspberry Pi, it makes smart things a billion times cooler.

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