August Lock/Connect

I asked August support if they had plans to support smartthings, and control of the lock under IFTTT (they support queries to the lock). They responded that they don’t support triggering the lock due to security concerns. I asked why they allow Yonomi to do it if that is the case, they said IFTTT security is the issue and they wont support lock controls until IFTTT security improves. They then added that they did not work with Yonomi and implied Yonomi figured it out on their own. I also asked again about smartthings. They didn’t answer either time. I thought the response interesting, and was wondering if anyone knows if there is some issue between smartthings and August? I like their solution, but it was very expensive and its frustrating that they wouldn’t go all-out for compatibility considering the price.

I have a suspicion that the issue with ST integration is just like the issue as to why there is no Nest integration except through the DTH created by the community. Maybe reaching out to Yonomi to see how they figured it out might help the community to build a DTH that will work with August.

Great idea, just sent Yonomi a query. What is the issue with Nest and ST? Competitor not wanting to work together?

I believe it has to do with Nest’s requirements in regards to data and its usage. You can probably search this forum for specifics on the issue

Got it. So Yonomi already responded and said August did provide them with APIs (no idea why the denial). They also said Yonomi - ST integration is in progress and Yonomi - IFTTT is under consideration. All good stuff. They also offered to work with me on what I want to achieve, we’ll see where that goes.