IPhone Presence Sensor not working

So I’m not exactly a newbie, used ST Classic for years and recently moved over to the new app. A few hiccups, but overall fine… Except for using my iPhone as a presence sensor to trigger routines. Yes, I seem to have all the flags turned the right way, IDE sees my phone in the Hub, etc. Cleared any old routines, wrote new automations, routines, but it never triggers. Here is all I want: When I arrive in my GPS circle, I want a couple of lights to come on like it used to in Classic. Simple, right? I guess not for my thicky brain. Could someone suggest a simple routine that works for them? Do I need a routine to say I’m away? Thank you.

Same problem here for me too.

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I was only able to get this to work by creating a Simulated Presence Sensor and then updating its state in webcore. If you are already familiar with the SmartThings IDE and webcore, it will be easy. If not, it will take a bit of doing. You can see the process outlined in a response here: