Arrival Sensor and New SmartThings App used for presence

I come from the old app. The routines were good for setting and disabling the SmartThings Home Monitor (SHM). So I have created Automatons in the new app to do the same thing. I don’t know if it is working at this point as I have not left the house yet #Covid-19. I have a ST Arrival Sensor that says that it is present and has worked fine in the past. In the Automation, I can add my 2 cell phones as presence to arm and disarm the SHM. There is no option to add the Arrival Sensor. I have removed it and re-added it to my hub. Is there a reason why I can not use the Arrival Sensor as a presence device?

Are you perhaps expecting to see it offered as an alternative to mobile presence in ‘Member location’? It needs to be added as a ‘Device status’.

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I did think the same thing. I tried to add it to the same IF statement. Although, there are no devices to add in the same if statement. But if I create a new automation, all devices are populated. Should I be going a different route?

Hmm. I’ve only the one mobile device to work with so I don’t know what happens if you have more than one. I guess it might do something I wouldn’t expect.

I have this issue too and cannot for the life of me work out how to resolve. I have my son and daughter-in-law staying with me during lockdown, and have transitioned to the new app. The arrival sensors show up as devices but I cannot do anything with them.

I don’t want the kids to have to use there phones as presence detectors as it’s only a temporary arrangement.

I was referring to SHM - sorry for the confusion.

You can add at least 2 cell phones.

Has anyone figured out how to use the Arrival sensor to arm and disarm? The arrival sensors are working and are detected upon arrival and departure. There just does not seem to be a way in ST automations to use the arrival sensor to arm and disarm in conjunction with my mobile phone.

You should be able to simply add them in a Device status condition like other devices.