Arrival Sensor and New SmartThings App used for presence

I come from the old app. The routines were good for setting and disabling the SmartThings Home Monitor (SHM). So I have created Automatons in the new app to do the same thing. I don’t know if it is working at this point as I have not left the house yet #Covid-19. I have a ST Arrival Sensor that says that it is present and has worked fine in the past. In the Automation, I can add my 2 cell phones as presence to arm and disarm the SHM. There is no option to add the Arrival Sensor. I have removed it and re-added it to my hub. Is there a reason why I can not use the Arrival Sensor as a presence device?

Are you perhaps expecting to see it offered as an alternative to mobile presence in ‘Member location’? It needs to be added as a ‘Device status’.

I did think the same thing. I tried to add it to the same IF statement. Although, there are no devices to add in the same if statement. But if I create a new automation, all devices are populated. Should I be going a different route?

Hmm. I’ve only the one mobile device to work with so I don’t know what happens if you have more than one. I guess it might do something I wouldn’t expect.