SmartThings arrival sensor: how can I use it in an automation?

My smart things arrival sensor has been added successfully to my hub and even though when I’m creating an automation it does not show on list so i can use it as a trigger. (by the way my only item on this drop down list is my I Phone’s location) what am I missing ?

I’m assuming you’re using the new ST app, and not the Classic app.

The arrival sensor will be be found within the “If” condition under “Device status” when creating a custom automation.

Here’s an example:

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yes, the new ST app on I Phone, however when creating an automation, the only item available for trigger is my I Phone. I don’t have an option for presence sensor even though it’s on the home screen as an active device added. It is like the phone is priority and doesn’t show nothing else on drop down menu. Currently i’m using ST, GoggleHome and IFTTT since some of my devices not compatible with each other. The phone location don’t like cuz i’m in a residential neighborhood and i’m 1 mile away when I receive the notifications about actions .

Do you mean a Custom automation, or something within Smart Lighting? The example above was done by creating a custom automation.

I just tried creating a new Smart Lighting automation in the new app, and I can select any of my presence sensors. Here’s an example of that:

Can you provide a little more detail about what kind of automation you’re trying to create, and/or screenshots?

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First of all thank you for helping me out. One of my automation I’m trying to do is that my ST arrival sensor to unlock my Schlage deadbolt when I arrive home. The phone geofence option works, but i’m so far away from my house when triggers it. I’m hoping that the Presence sensor is more close by .
My main hub is ST with Google home added and IFTTT linked so i can control my alarm system.
in ST settings i’m attaching the few steps which doesn’t actually give me the unlock option either. see screenshots. I would think there’s an unlock and lock option, but there’s none.

If i’m trying to set it up in ifttt the only device to use for trigger is my Phone’s location, there is no presence sensor under ST
I will keep adding different other sensors, maybe because of this my options are limited.