Arlo reverts to wrong settings following intrusion (Smartthings Support useless)

Unfortunately, support has been utterly useless and just keeps explaining how modes work, so I’m posting here.

Every time I receive an instrusion (my presence not being recognized soon enough), the Arlo cameras revert to the wrong settings in the app. Both will revert to push notifications on motion, one camera will revert to “Do Nothing” for video recording, the other will select the wrong camera for recording if motion is detected on the other camera. This happens every single time.

Netgear says it’s an issue with SmartThings. SmartThings support doesn’t seem to understand the issue. I’ve started from scratch once before, by removing the cameras in smartthings and removing the smartthings mode in Arlo, but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

Welcome to the club. I’ve been through the same motions. ST support blames Arlo, Arlo blames ST support. Nothing gets fixed, nobody accepts responsibility. It’s a very embarrassing situation for both companies. I’m certain is executive management were aware this would not be happening.

You can put a nice band aid on the problem in the meantime by doing the following:

  1. Disable push notifications on the Arlo app.

  2. Set the Arlo mode to anything other than SmartThings. You can customize the selected mode however you want.

  3. The only significant lost of functionality is that you cannot change camera settings within the ST app as they apply only to the Arlo SmartThings mode.

  4. Enjoy the “integration”.

I’ve always left my Arlo’s in Armed or Disarmed Mode and not used Smartthings mode. They work well for me and I have no issues after testing my system for an intrusion.

I never even realized those settings were there until now, thanks. I made the proper adjustments in the arlo app and have always just left it that way. For my system I leave it ARMED almost all of the time.

You can still run custom SHM rules for the cameras while they are in ARMED mode and not in ST mode.

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