New SmartThings app and Arlo cameras

Does anyone know how to stop the new application from switching the Arlo mode to Disarmed when the SHM is disabled? The classic app added it’s own “SmartThings” mode that we were able to adjust and it just left everything there. This new one keeps insisting on moving all the cameras to Disarmed and that is messing with all of my WebCore (and other) integrations. I’ve looked all over the app and these forums but can’t find anything that seems to indicate this is possible.

This is what works for me.

Thanks. Seems a little screwy, but I’ll give it a try.

Let us know the outcome.

I have had similar issues consistently since I linked Arlo up to Smartthings. The original issues surfaced under the Classic App but I have since migrated to new App and it all still works. As far as I can tell, under this regime, ST does not attempt to change the Arlo mode at all. I control which cameras are “active” using scenes within ST. The way I manage Arlo cameras is as follows:

In Arlo:

I set up a custom mode on Arlo called “Armed by Mike”. I found that when the mode was “Armed” in Arlo, I ended up with odd things happening and ST switching the mode between Armed and Disarmed randomly.
In this custom mode all cameras are armed, set for motion detection (I don’t want sound) and generate notifictions - it is equivalent to the Arlo built in Armed mode with all cameras Armed but with a different name.

NOTE: I did the above under the original Classic app; this may no longer be needed under the new app - I have no idea.

In ST:

Smart Home Montor I have different cameras being used as motion sensors depending on monitoring mode (Away or Stay) with all being monitored in Away and only outdoor cameras in Stay

I have 3 scenes set up in ST. One in which all cameras are turned Off. One where Outdoor cameras are on and indoor are off; one where all cameras are on.

I have 3 automations, each of which is triggered by the Smart Home monitor changing state: one for Disarm, one for Stay and one for Away. When the appropriate trigger occurs based on change of SHM state, the automation activates the appropriate camera scene to turn the cameras on/off.

What this does mean is that the cameras that are “off” will be “off” inside Arlo (Disabled not Disarmed).

Since putting this in place I have not had an issue with funniness between ST and Arlo.

The changing of the modes in the website (to my Smartthings mode), then rebooting the Arlo base station worked great for me as well. This error started on August 22nd and is a very frustrating error. Thanks for the help.