Smartthings/Arlo Integration weird behaviour


I’ve recently noticed odd behavior in my SmartThings Arlo integration.

I let Smartthings control the arming and disarming of my Arlo cameras as its easy to control arrival and leaving of either myself and partner.

My partner is used to using the Arlo app to view any clips of videos that Smartthings generates when motion is detected via any of our 5 cameras on the outside of the house. I must admit, I prefer viewing the videos via Arlo too as the interface I think is more intuitive plus I experience Clip Generating issues in Smartthings…not sure why.

Recently I’ve noticed that the Record Video option in the Smartthings mode in Arlo (under Then do the following) automatically reverts back to Do Nothing. This is very frustrating as it means no videos exist in Arlo.

I can’t pin it down to what is causing it, it appears to be random.

I wondered if anyone has ideas as to why this is happening and how I can stop it from happening. I still want videos in the Arlo app even when the devices are being controlled via Smartthings.


I’ve noticed the same thing. I may have to delete Arlo integration in ST. Except I also use the Arlo motion detection to turn on my porch and driveway lights.

I had this start occurring last week after working properly for the last three months. In addition to it reverting to do nothing, at one point it was sending me push notifications through arlo (which I had turned off) and also had the wrong camera selected for one of the rules. I would constantly login change it back, only to have it revert. I ended up just creating a new mode with new rules and it has been working correctly since.


So has anyone had any success with this as I noticed it seems to happen when the cameras are turned on and off through the Smartthings app. I have modes that auto trigger when sunset/sunsrise or when we arrive and leave the house. It is at these points that the Arlo Smartthings mode reverts back to Do Nothing from Record Video.


Just use another mode in Arlo to control recording. I use Armed. ST can still turn the cameras on and off and respond to motion.

Genius! I just got my cameras and was struggling with presence turning them on and off. Found some good articles in the community and thought I was set until the SmarThings mode in Arlo app started to change on it’s own / triggered by on/off. Using Arlo’s own modes is the trick!

I am getting all my videos both in Smartthings in the History section and in Arlo Library . With Smartthings controlling the cameras the Arlo app turns the video to Do Nothing.