Arlo/Smartthings integration problem

@Brad_ST @tpmanley

I’m using the classic ST app. Not sure who the best person to tag on this is, but I’m pretty sure I found a bug with Arlo cameras and their SmartThings integration. If you go into the Arlo app and select “disarmed” for your Arlo mode, and then go into SmartThings mobile app and select any of your Arlo cameras in your things list and hit refresh a few times on the camera, then go back into the Arlo app, you will notice that the Arlo mode will change to “armed” by itself.

Pretty sure this happened when Arlo updated their firmware about five days ago.

I had this issue with my Arlo mode changing by itself to either disarmed or armed for the last four or five days. This was driving me crazy. I even reset my Arlo base station and all of my cameras. Finally deleting my SmartThings integration with Arlo fixed the issue. Now my Arlo mode is not changing by itself.

What cameras and base station do you have?. Wonder if that makes a difference as I can’t trigger this behavior from my cameras. I am using the smartthings mode though.

Arlo pro 2. with not the 4K base station but the one before that.

I did some more testing. And found out that even if my Arlo mode is Smartthings, it still changes to dis armed. By itself.

I am convinced that it had something to do with a Arlo firmware update around June 7. That’s when the problem started and I changed nothing on my end.

I can actually see a use case for this. Think of it like this. If you are in smartthings and what anything to happen technically the mode would need to be anything but Disarmed. When you consider that putting it in a armed mode makes since once you have Smartthings interacting with the cameras.

Disarmed and switched off are two different things. Technically disarmed from a traditional arlo since would be like the Arlo camera being switched off.