Using Arlo Pro as motion detector then record video/activate alarm

I have my Arlo Pro’s integrated with SHM using Arlopilot. But they only record when one of my door/window or other motion sensors are tripped. RIght now if my cameras detect motion but no other z-wave sensor detects anything the SHM does not go into an alarm state (siren, etc)
Can I set up my Arlo Pro cameras to serve as motion sensors that will trigger my SHM alarm? I have the camera set up to record when a sensor is tripped but I want the cameras to record and set off the alarm even if the camera is the device that detects motion.

The Arlo connect smart app creates cameras devices that act also as motion sensors (provided they are on and the current mode has a rule for motion events).

Thanks. I do have the rule set up for motion events and the cameras are on. Can you explain how the smart app creates camera devices that act as motion sensors? FYI: I also have the arlopilot smart app installed. The cameras are otherwise integrated and function as designed.

I don’t understand what you are asking. If you have ST connected to your arlo account using the Arlo connect app (different from Arlo pilot) and select the cameras, you should get devices created with names that match each camera that you selected. Those devices will send events when the camera detects motion.

I think the question is, if you have ArloPilot directing the camera modes based on SHM mode, can you still use the Arlo Connect business to get a device for each camera that doubles as a motion sensor.

It would make sense that they would fight with each other, with ArloPilot setting the camera mode to “do this” when motion is detected and the smart app telling the camera to “do that” instead.

I used to have the Arlo Connect app installed but there was a lot of fussiness to it. The modes would not be reliable and I ended up just using geofencing.

I use both and don’t have any problems, but the only thing i use the connect devices for is motion detection. I use nodes in the Arlo app and arlo modes for recordings. Since arlo pilot uses cloud integration, there is no conflict.

You’re right. I basically just want the arlo cameras to be able to detect motion, begin recording video and trigger my alarm in the SHM because once my system gets in to an alarmed state I have lights than turn on and a separate siren that goes off.

Good point… I just tried this and it seems to work, although the Arlo motion notification to ST is slower than a dedicated motion sensor (obviously).

The only catch is that you have to edit the SmartThings mode and disable the push notification, otherwise you get bombarded by them.