Arlo Pro 2 or Ring Spotlight cam integration with smartthings yet?

So Blink stopped integration with smartthings, now I need another wireless camera. Is arlo pro 2 or Ring Spotlight cam integrated with smartthings yet? If it is, I can control it just like I could with Blink and Rboy? Detects motion -> turns on alarm,lights, etc.

Not yet. There is another thread. I keep watching, waiting, and hoping…

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I have 5 Arlo cameras, 3 originals and 2 Pros. They are integrated with ST and working great - doing all the things you mentioned. There is a bit longer delay using them with ST but there are several ways to get around that. The Arlo Pro 2 should act just like the Pro. Do a little research to see if it is worth the money to purchase the Pro 2 vs the Pro model.


Am using pro 2 and they seem fully integrated and work well.

this is what I mean, some people say it is, some people say it isnt. For those that say it is, I can set the pro 2 to motion detect when I leave my geofence? And if it detects motion, I can have smartthings turn on my alarm? that is all I want.

Yes the Arlo cameras can be set to motion when leaving. You can use SHM or one of the community provided smart apps for Arlo mode controls. As an added bonus the Arlo cam motion detection shows up in any instances where you might want to select a motion device. I use the Arlo on my back porch in conjunction with my dusk to dawn porch light to bring the brightness up to 100% if motion is detected.

But is this the arlo 2? or the regular arlo? Netgear has said officially the arlo 2 isn’t integrated yet

They both use the same Arlo hub. ST doesn’t really know the difference, it just knows there’s a camera being reported by the Arlo integration.

Some people reported flakiness with SHM modes on the Pro2 but I’ve seen flakiness with the original pros as well so I doubt that’s a Pro 2 thing. (hint, don’t use the Smartthings custom mode and set the mode manually with a community provided smart app)

One other thing. The camera video feed is not available outside the Arlo app or Smartthings at the moment (you can’t bring it up on a web page or pull it into Action Tiles) natively. There is a community member who created a bridge that can make this happen but I believe it requires a second device or server to pull down the feed and host it. (if someone has the link K to that thread…)

The Pro 2 was not able to be integrated into ST for about a week after its first release. They (not sure if Netgear or Smartthings or both) fixed that pretty quick smart. Arlo Pro 2 integrates with ST just fine

alright, thanks for the replies! will look into getting it when it goes on sale

I had my hopes up based on this thread. I am able to add the base station but not the Pro 2 Cameras. When I try and add the cams via the Arlo (connect) smart app I get “An unexpected error has occurred.” and then in my logs: “ Device type ‘Arlo Pro 2 Camera’ in namespace ‘Arlo’ not found.”

Remove Arlo connect completely and then start from scratch?

I just set up my new Arlo Pro 2 and tried to intergrate it with Smartthings. I’m getting the same error (an unexpected error occurred) when trying to connect a camera but the base station intergrated fine. Tried completely removing it and trying again but always get the same error.

Hey, I made a handler for spotlight Cam (Light only) for those interested in trying it:


I looked at this and would like to get this running. I put the DHT in my IDE. I put in my username and password but your API link does not produce anything. Is there something I can use for MS Windows 10? The JSON you have looks like MAC. I am not a code writer. I think all I need is that device ID in Ring. I have not been able to figure out what that is.

Just tried again for the heck of it and I was able to add the cams. Go figure.

That’s good. I wonder what changed. Probably something on the Arlo side of things as it was raised there recently and engineering were going to look into it along with the IFTTT problems people have been having

Thank you for the DHT. It seems to work now that I got the device ID. You are right. That is difficult. I did see the following, though:

1.) Turning on and off the light from Ring does not update the device in Smartthings.
2.) You had mentioned the ability to use the siren or even motion. Not that I am ready to use either at this point, but I do not see that on the device in SmartThings.

Don’t get me wrong, I very much appreciate what you have done. I have been wanting to control the light through SmartThings since I installed it for dusk to bedtime and scenes. Just a couple things I noticed. Again, thank you very much.

Hi Kirk,

Yeah, I don’t have my handler polling the service to determine it’s current state. Probably achievable, but in my brief time I spent on this, I haven’t managed that.

As for the Siren, it’s just a new API call that needs to be added to the service, or even a duplicate device. So you could have it call that API instead. I have the API in my postman collection, but not the current version of the device handler. Motion is a whole 'nother thing. Since it doesn’t seem to be push based, but rather polling based, and that isn’t something that really scales? I suspect that APIs exist for something better, but it’s not something I’ve found…

They are going to have single frame samples of the video in an upcoming release of the app, this might mean we can get that into smartthings somehow? (I think they announced something at CES)

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