Arlo Pro Announced Today

Check out the new Arlo pro camera just announced today. here is the link:

Seems expensive compared to Blink Cameras. What would make one buy 3 of these for almost twice the price of 5 Blinks? I understand that Blink only does 10 secs of video but it also has temperature sensors.

Seems like a motion detector/camera/and temperature sensor would be more ideal for a SmartThings integration than the Arlo Pro.

Not associated at all but I need someone to convince me why I should buy 3 of these instead of 5 Blinks.

I am not necessarily recommending these to anybody and I’m kind of bummed out as I just purchase my last generation Arlo 3 camera system only about 3 weeks ago. Anyway, my cameras are hidden outside, which, although I am keeping a close eye on Blink, the Blink cameras are not yet rated for outside. The new Arlo system has 2-way voice, rechargeable batteries, local storage capability, although I do not yet know if you can do both local and cloud storage at the same time.If you do want to use some cameras indoors, there is a built-in usb port for plugging the cameras into a wall outlet. There is also an improved motion detection system.

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I bought a 6 camera arlo system about 5 weeks ago. I am so irritated right now. One of the things I really wanted was 2 way audio. I wish I could return the one I just bought.

Where did you buy them from?

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Well they decided to stick to 2.4ghz, which will offer mediocre results to many customers with congested networks…

I saw that too. I think they went with 2.4ghz for distance.

LIFX did the same thing on their new bulbs. I have way too many 2.5ghz devices.

All of those features are great. But also night vision, which is far more effective for an outdoor cam than an LED light, which is all Blink currently offers.

They should have included an option to plug in direct power. As expensive as these are, not sure why they couldn’t have included that.

@fightingmajor - It comes with an AC power adapter…

The base does :slight_smile:


You may be right, but I am reading these two items differently.

PC Magazine says “The weatherproof device can be placed anywhere—on the porch or in the baby’s room. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but can also be plugged into an outlet via the included AC adapter.”

Arlo Datasheet says:
System includes
• (1) Wire-free HD camera with audio
• (1) Rechargeable battery
• (1) Camera power adapter
• (1) Camera power cable
• (1) Base station with a built in siren
• (1) Ethernet cable
• (1) Wall mount
• (1) Wall mount screw set
• (1) Quick start guide
• (1) Window decal

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If you look at the 2 and 3 camera packages, they still list one adapter and multiple mounting plates

@SBDOBRESCU - Very Interesting - it looks like this cable is for the battery charger. Bummer!

No reason why you couldn’t by a plug and still charge it. Put a smart plug on it to just charge every so often or if the battery is removable, hook the USB cable to a wall plug and run constant power.

Pre-ordered my Arlo Pro 4 pack today on Best Buy and it states shipping will happen on the 19th so I can’t wait…

Thinkin Im gonna try it with the Ring Solar Panel I have to see if I can that to work together.

I watched Arlo live announcement on FB and they said they will release outdoor rated power adapter soon as well as Solar panel in the near future. You can mount Arlo Pro + solar power supply on the tree and forget about charging batteries forever. Something along these lines. You will be able to buy them separately.


I wonder if they’ve done anything to fix the lag on recording for these cameras?
This was the killer let-down for me that led me to return my other set of Arlo cameras…

I saw that too, but this available now and they seem compatible as they are both micro USB. I think that the Ring solar panel is also about 20.00 less than the price point I saw for the Arlo one. Plus it’s available right now, hate waiting, lol

Lag has been reportedly been improved greatly as they opened up the field of view on the motion sensor to pick up the movement earlier allowing the camera function to wake up. Along with whatever hardware improvents to the actual speed of the camera functions.