Arlo Pro 2 or Ring Spotlight cam integration with smartthings yet?


Thanks very much for this.

I set up your DTH in SmartThings, created the device. Then ran the POSTMAN to get the device ID, entered it and other credentials in the device in SmartThings, but it doesn’t control the spotlight’s light.

When I tap the on/off nothing happens on the spotlight cam.

Any obvious DOH I may be screwing up? I’ve checked my PW a few times, it’s correct, and the same I used in the POSTMAN call to get the device ID, and I made sure I got my spotlight cam ID and not my Ring doorbell ID. Also double checked the device ID and ensured capitalization (or lack thereof) of the letters in the ID I entered in ST is correct.

Anything else I may be missing?


Not sure, you can try viewing the logs for any obvious errors?

There is a tab in the IDE on smarthings to see the log output…

And you can add additional logging lines if you’re feeling game to the handler.

I think the section was just “device” and it is all numeric. I think there is a device ID in hexadecimal or with letters. That did not work. It was the first line in that device’s section.

Netgear is wrong, ST has already stated that the Pro2 is supported and has been for a while. In fact I just added 3 more to my system over the past weekend without absolutely no issues.

I think that’s it, Kirk!

I used the alphanumeric “device_id” rather than the all numeric “id” number.

I’ll update and confirm.


UPDATE: Yup - that was it, needed to use “id” and not “device_id”.

Phil’s instructions on his site are correct, and highlight the “id” value, but the device settings screen in the ST app uses “Device ID” for that field label so I mistakenly entered that.

Works great, thanks very much, Phil.

Now if I could only make the Ring play a sound file (“Igor, release the hounds!”) whenever motion is detected I’d be set. :smiley:


That’s because Netgear “fixed” it over a week ago. But can you screenshot your IDE device list where the Type of device shows as an “Arlo Pro 2 camera” and not just an “Arlo Pro camera”?

Not sure what your point is. I’ve had a Pro 2 on my system for months. The DTH that SmartThings uses is Arlo Pro, which is correct since the Pro 2 is essentially a 1080 version of the Pro. From an API standpoint they’re identical.

The point being that had you tried to integrate your Pro 2 cameras 2 weeks ago, you wouldn’t have been able to. Actually, I have no idea what you’re referring to when you said “Netgear are wrong”.
I’ve also had Pro 2 cameras integrated for months. They couldn’t integrate for about a week after the initial release. Netgear have already said they’re working on official Arlo 2 integration with smartthings. Not sure what additional features that’ll include but I assume it’ll be the additional features the Pro 2 gets under AC power eg motion zones and maybe the 3 second lookback

The integration is already official, I’m not sure why people continue to post otherwise. There are several posts here on the forum by ST staff members stating that fact. As far as an Pro-2 specific integration? What else could be exposed to ST that is unique ONLY to the Pro 2 that the SmartThings platform supports? CVR and look-back are not part of any currently supported device capabilities so the reality is there probably won’t be a special DTH for the Pro 2. The API’s are identical between the two cameras, nothing special is exposed.

Nice job @phil6. Got it all working immediately and works great! Have a Zwave switched powered up but tied to nothing to physically turn the lights on/off for a more traditional feature the wife loves!

How were you able to get your device id? I too have tried the API link to no avail. I see in your next comment that you were able to get this but with no description of how you went about getting it. Thanks

I would not be the one to ask. I did but it took a bit to get it. I am not a programmer and have zero clue about how I did it.