Arlo and ST integration (2023)

Hi! Just want to know if other users are having troubles with integratinf Arlo cameras system in Smartthings. Altough it should be possible (the account is linkable via ST app) the two apps (ST and Arlo) are not connected and do not talk each other. For example, videos are recorded only if correct automations are set in Arlo app (e.g. if in ST i set “record and notify if i’m not at home and motion is detected”, it will then be notified me but no record starts through Arlo app… i need to reproduce the same automation in Arlo app to get record of the camera)… in any case I found instruction for integration in the Arlo website (How do I integrate my Arlo cameras into the Samsung SmartThings app?) but such instructions are of course referred to an older version of the app, so not useful
Does anyone have same problems or has some tips to solve it? Thanks in advance

Have you got Arlo set to use the SmartThings mode?

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In my experience, the Arlo Cameras won’t do anything when Arlo is in Disarmed mode state. The Cameras must be On and in an Arlo Armed mode state for SmartThings to trigger a recording.

So I just leave Arlo set in Armed mode, and then have SmartThings turn On/Off the cameras depending on the SmartThings Armed status. Example, if SmartThings is Disarmed, I have SmartThings turn all of the Arlo Cameras Off so they don’t do anything even though Arlo is set to an Armed mode state. If SmartThings is Armed Away, I have SmartThings turn all of the Arlo Cameras On so that SmartThings can trigger recordings since Arlo is in an Armed mode state.

BTW, here’s a big thread about the latest SmartThings Arlo Schema.

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Hi black paladin! Thanks but I don’t know why but my app interface is completely different from your… i attach a scrrenshot! No ST mode appears altough in ST app I already linked the Arlo account! Do you use an Arlo hub or cameras are directly connected to the WIFI?

Many thanks DaWeav! Just some clarification: what actions are expected in the Arlo app when “armed mode” is set? Is every motion detected recorded? If so, (apart from the fact that the batteries run down very quickly) I don’t understand what is the point of having ST trigger the recording… moreover, do you also have the app interface the same as the screenshot sent by black paladin? sorry for so many questions but I’m really frustrated !!

In my Arlo Armed mode(s), I have motion enabled because I have all of my inside Arlo cameras connected to USB power adapters to keep the battery charged since I currently don’t use Arlo for my external security cameras. However, according to Arlo, if the Arlo camera isn’t in any Armed mode with the motion configured, then the camera(s) are effectivity disabled. See the below Arlo KB website.
" Make sure the motion detection feature is enabled in the rules for that camera"

I don’t use the Arlo SmartThings armed mode since I think I remember they advised it was depreciated after the migration to the new Arlo SmartThings schema. In fact, I use the Arlo geolocation armed mode so I can use two different Arlo Armed modes. One for Armed Away, and another one for Armed Stay - Home mode.

As it happens, I added a second base station and some extra cameras to my Arlo setup in the past few hours. As there were quite a few changes, I decided to unlink Arlo from SmartThings, remove the SmartThings mode from Arlo and then relink it. It was very easy to link from the ST App and all cameras appeared and work fine in my routines as motion sensors. But this new method of integration does not create a SmartThings mode in the Arlo app and I’m just using normal Armed mode in Arlo. However I’m not trying to record videos so haven’t tested your scenario but the post from @DaWeav above explains how to manage the system well.

Many thanks to both of you! You just confirned that new scheme does not provide “Smartthings mode” and that everything has to be manged by Arlo app… I’m fine with this but: actually this is not a real Smartthings integration!!!

I use a virtual switch and ifttt to arm my Arlo system whe I’m not home and disarm it when I’m home.