Arlo Smartapp Mode Management

Hi, I want to have smartthings trigger the Arlo Schedule or Disarm mode based on my family presence in the house, so for example when home I want to disarm the cameras but as soon as someone leaves the Schedule mode is triggered. From the Smartthings app you can suppress the notifications but in the Arlo app the armed mode is still active. This means that the motion is still triggered in Arlo reducing the battery.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you looked into CoRE for this? I do not have any Arlo cameras but I believe I have seen someone set up their cameras to arm and disarm based on being home and not.

I have two Arlo cameras that I arm with routines in smartthings
When everyone leaves the cameras arm
When anyone returns they disarm
And when we go to bed the cameras arm at a a certain time and in the morning disarm
I use the following routines
Good morning
I’m back
Good night
And one I’ve called gone out
The cameras are turned off in the Arlo app
Working well for me

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Ok @willpatey2000 if he can accomplish this with the stock routines then there can definitely be something done in CoRE.

The problem seems to be that there is only one mode in Arlo for Smartthings, so even if in Smartthings you deactivate, activate etc… via routines in Arlo the camera’s are still active. Try running your routines in Smartthings but have the notifications active in Arlo, you will see that regardless of Smartthings suppressing the notifications in Arlo they will still be active. What I need is for Smartthings, via routines to trigger Arlo Disarm mode or Schedule mode not remain in Smartthings mode?

I’m not sure of this, but I it seems like the Arlo SmartThings mode does not have to be selected in order for ST to control Arlo.