Video recording on ST motion, but not using SHM

I searched around and my search foo doesn’t turn up anything decent and recent.

Have a pair of Arlo cam’s. One is outside. I also have a ST motion sensor outside. I’d like to start recording based on ST motion sensor. But I don’t want it considered an ‘intrusion’ because its outside so its not really an intrusion and will have ‘false’ positives. I’m not using the motion in the camera, and the camera is linked to ST. So just seems like something that has been solved, but I am not finding it in the last hour of searching.

I just can’t seem to find a ‘best practices’ for this sort of thing currently. Sure my camera inside I am triggering off SHM and motion sensors.

Thoughts, tips?

Hi Kevin, It looks like you have about the same set up as I do. I control the Arlo cameras turning on/off with routines. I do use the motion sensing abilities of the Arlo cameras but did not set the outside ones to give an alarm in SHM. I used custom rules to notify me when motion is detected. Using custom rules should allow you to trigger the cameras using an ST motion detector.
The only problem with my setup is that I now have to arm/disarm ST with routines instead of from the main dashboard because when you arm/disarm your system with the dashboard, no other action occurs. The dashboard only works with SHM.

Do the ST motion sensors hold up being outside? I’m thinking corrosion+

Yea @hbr your method was the only one I found. While it works it seems a little sub optimal. At least in my way of thinking, tho I could be totally wrong. Its probably how I will end up doing it for the short term. I just imagine there is a better way.

See my responses in this thread.