Arlo Cameras & Smartthings Home Monitoring

I recently purchased the SST and have set it up and have been playing around with it the past 3 days. It has worked great and I thought I was getting the hang of it. Today, I set up my Arlo Cameras (set up Arlo account first) and integrated them with my SST. When my Arlo app is set to detect motion in the cameras, I receive an automatic push notification that there is motion. However, when I turn the Arlo app notifications off, I do not get any notification from SST. I have tried setting this to occur through customizations and in the Smart App. I thought I had it set to automatically record when there was motion and it was set to Away… I am trying to only receive notifications from SST and for the motion to be detected and reported through SST (for some reason I find this easier than fooling around with two separate apps). Is this possible? What am I doing wrong?