Arlo and Smatthings integration not working

It has been a day now that i have been receiving the message: There was a problem retrieving the livestream URL.

I have deleted the cameras from the my home section, deleted the Smartapp, deleted the Smartthings mode in the Arlo connect app and restarted my entire system including network connections and both the hubs to no avail.

This issue seems to be with the API. when the SHM triggers Smartthings states the cameras are recording but no action is taken in the Arlo connect app.

I also cant access live feeds from within the Smartthings app.

Status of the cameras, motion, noise, battery level and all settings can still be changes in the Smartthings app and these do take effect.

But live feeds of the cameras and the request to record via SHM from within the Smartthings app do not function.

The above solutions do not seem to fix the issue.

I do not think the issue is from Arlos side as i can access the cameras via the api from alexa, but not from Smartthings.

If SHM is triggered, within the Smartthings app it states recording. no action is taken though by the cameras. If i open Arlo connect and go to library it is empty even after a considerable wait. If i then create a recording within the Arlo app by going to devices, picking a camera and recording a clip, when i access the SHM and view the current state, the recording created within the Arlo connect app shows under that one camera and the rest remain with the status of recording.

Anyone have any ideas?

Anyone from Smartthings around to help?



My whole Arlo integration crapped out recently. Cameras stopped recording and no events were sent to ST. Deleting everything (devices, smart app) and re-installing fixed that. However, recording on SHM events is very intermittent, most cameras fail to record, but one or two will randomly record when triggered by SHM.

Given Arlo’s history, it’s likely they’ve broken something.

Also having similar issues. Sensors not triggering Arlo cameras, also Arlo cameras not activating lights. It looks like it is on Arlo’s end. I hope this is resolved soon.

I’m having the same issues as the OP. Every time I hit the play icon in the SmartThings app for any of my 11 cameras, no video plays. Instead I see a black screen with this message, “There was a problem retrieving the livestream.” Has anyone come up with a solution, yet? Like the OP, I’ve reinstalled everything to no avail. Also, everything is working as it should on Arlo’s side, so I’m assuming its an issue with SmartThings. Any help would be great! This one has truly stumped me. Thanks

I had the same message come up on my cameras yesterday, after I cut the main breaker to the house to work on some stuff, restarting the Arlo hub via the web interface fixed the issue for me. I would say the latest firmware on the Arlo hub/camera’s isn’t as robust as it once was.