Arlo cameras failure

ST app not working with my arlo cameras anymore
Showing in app as active or inactive but not able to live stream and not working with SHM
Deleted one camera from app but cant delete second camera and arlo connect app in ST page not loading
Help please
The Arlo app its self is fine

Same here. Submit ticket if you haven’t already so they can see it’s a wide impact. None of my doors or presence are properly turning cameras off / on as I have setup.

No problems with my Arlo Pros. Live feed and audio working fine in SmartThings app.

My Regular Arlos are working fine.

Good to hear. There is some hope. SmartThings staff posted in another thread the below details:

“Currently we have a one synchronous API call to Arlo. We are working on changing this call to async which should alleviate some of the issues of Routines not fully executing that interact with Arlo.”

As mentioned in today’s update, I was given the “Re-Authorize Connection to Arlo” prompt in the app. My rules / routines for when to turn off/on cameras are working again! Hope its back to normal for others, this was frustrating!

My Arlo camera is working good with ST and I am also using with Alexa app. It is good quality camera. But sometime it creates some issues like My Arlo keep going offline or not connecting. Allover it is good camera.