Arlo not recording

Have three Arlo cameras. Two nights ago it appears my Arlo cameras are not recording when requested to by Smartthings.

I use the cameras as motion detection as well, but that works.

I can record on the Arlo’s from the Arlo app.

This happened awhile ago and it ended up being an API issue, so that issue had nothing to do with my stuff.

I’m not seeing anyone else with an issue right now. So I’m hoping it isn’t a hardware thing on my end.

Anyone having this issue?

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I just noticed same issue but haven’t looked into it yet

Yes. Same here. The Arlo forums are a madhouse right now with upset Arlo customers due to a firmware update. Probably has something to do with it.

Same issue here.

On with Arlo support their recommendation is I do a factory reset of my system and rebuild everything…

Sure no problem i have a couple hours to kill…

i’m having the same problem as well. Started at the same time too. Hope its an easy fix. FYI, I just looked at my mode and realized that i was in “disarmed” mode (I haven’t changed it). I can’t for the life of me recall what mode it was supposed to be. Perhaps that’s the issue? Should it be in “Smartthings” mode?
Or in the meantime (while they fix the issues) should i just revert to a “schedule” mode or “Armed”? That way at least i’m covered.

My Arlo also stopped recording starting 9/3. I can see “capture” commands sent by Smartthings but no recording in Arlo. I have to switch from Disarmed to Smartthings Mode to enable recording from Arlo motion detection but I still wanted triggers from Smartthings. Anyone have the same issue?

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Have the same problem, no Arlo recording using SmartThings sensors as triggers. Filed a trouble report with Arlo and SmartThings.

Also same problem. Has anyone heard anything back or figured out any solution?

I literally just dropped like $600 on a system of Arlo cameras because they had best integration and a month later seems now complete waste.

I have the Arlo Q Plus camera which is currently working (for now). However, they are advising that the current Arlo Android app will stop working at the end of September so I need to update to the new Arlo app. Researching further, it appears that Arlo has been split off from Netgear and is now their own company. The new app went live this month and now you guys are having Smartthings integration issues with Arlo cameras. I was going to purchase a few more Arlo Q Plus cameras, but now I’m concerned since you all are having issues this month when it appears the new Arlo company is switching things over. And, to make my concerns worst, all the reviews in Android app store for their new Arlo app are really bad. I’m going to wait to update to the new Arlo app until the last moment in hopes my Arlo Q Plus camera continues to work with Smartthings integration until then. However, the new Arlo company could be switching servers which might be causing Smartthings integration issues. Who knows, my Arlo Q Plus camera could stop working with Smartthings tomorrow. Anyway, I sure hope they keep the current native integration between Arlo cameras and Smartthings working after the end of this month, but I’m sure keeping my purchasing plans for some additional Arlo Q Plus cameras on hold for now.

I find that Arlo recording on motion / triggers only works for me when the base is in “Armed” mode in the Arlo app. “SmartThings” mode just does not work for me.

Does anybody know if this issue is resolved?

I’ve had this issue for about a month or so I’d guess so assuming it’s the same issue, I’ve only had chance to sit down today and have a look at it. Smartthings seems to be getting a positive response from Arlo if I look at the live logging… Time to head to the Arlo forums…

Unless anyone can tell me it’s been resolved?

Same problem as everyone else and I’m
About to just toss the Arlo cameras out. Are there any other cameras on the market that can replace these? Does Blink work? Anything else?

Have you deleted the SmartThings mode from your base and set it to Armed? This has worked 100% for me.

So if I do that it will work with smartthings even though it isn’t in smartthings mode?

My Arlo still doesnt accept record capture command from Smartthings… been a month already. I wish this gets fix soon

Yes. In order for Arlo to correctly record with SmartThings it needs to be in Armed mode on the base. There appears to be a bug* in ST mode and for all to work correctly you need to delete it. Mine has worked 100% correctly since deleting ST mode.

*Note, to record in ST you need to be in Armed mode on the base. If you have ST mode installed, even if not in use, for some reason it switches the base to Disarmed mode.

This may help: