Arlo 5 pack for $498 - 8/19/2016 Deal of the Day

If you’ve been waiting to get cams, this is the deal you want. ST has a BIG surprise!

Really don’t need 6 though. Wish it was a tad cheaper for a couple.

Oh, I want cams. Not that only record to a cloud I don’t control, though.


Hey, if you get Arlo, then you get 2 clouds as bonus!!! If I would install these in my bedrooms I may think twice about the cloud. Especially for my kids rooms.

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I am the type that will not even use a cloud camera on a doorbell.

Ring Pro is an excellent package functionality and spec wise. Nice tidy integration. But only records to cloud. That’s a show stopper here.

Give me an open API from which to record into a private system, such as blue iris and I am down.

What’s the scare? Are you afraid that NSA will tap in to see when you leave the house so they can bug your phone? They do that anyway, ask Snowden…

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I desire options, and I believe the market should have options, for things that have such powerful privacy implications - cameras in your domicile being right up there at the top - to maintain control of that data. In addition to that, I have a strong aversion to forcing something from product to service which is a goal of many of these companies and their business models.

For the record there are such options, but they aren’t as neatly packaged up consumerized products like Ring Pro, etc. Which I am fine with, I just choose to spend my dollars on products that do consider these things and hope that others will as well.