ARGH! Lights trigger on, but they don't turn off. What the hell?

After all the lights have been set up and working properly for weeks and without adding new settings or triggers, all of a sudden, the lights aren’t turning off. It’s not any one light. It’s multiple lights off of different type of switches. Some are huge bulbs, others are off the aeon switch, and yet another is off of a wall switch. I can only see that it’s not the switches but something with a wider effect that affects all my lights.

Also, yesterday, my siren went off for no reason. Seems like it might be related since things were fine up until now.

Very annoying and basically makes this whole system completely useless to me if the lights can’t turn off. How to troubleshoot?

There is something going on… We are facing weird issues today…

I 2nd the weird issues today.

Any update to any info, troubleshooting we can do, or time of fix?

No clue… No response back from support. Will check once I get back home.

It is the nature of the cloud, the central server had an issue I assume. Looks like they are still working on trying to resolve it.