Troubleshooting lights that randomly turn off

I’m hoping someone may have some ideas on how to troubleshoot some of my lights that seem to randomly turn off.

I recently replaced a porch light timer switch with a Cooper/Eaton Aspire z-wave light switch and I use Smart Lighting to turn it on and off at specific times. Frequently, it is turning off in the middle of the night when we want it on. Only once have I seen an entry in the app “recently” tab that shows me when it turned off. All other times there is no record I’ve seen to indicate when it happened. For now, I’ve entered multiple Smart Lighting entries to keep turning it on throughout the night.

I have the same issue, only less frequently, with my kitchen lights randomly turning off. These are using the same brand and model for the light switches.

My back patio lights use the same switch and I’ve never seen them turn off unexpectedly.

I can’t tell if this is a hardware issue, a SmartThings issue, or perhaps something like a power fluctuation/surge (no idea what I’m talking about here) that is causing them to turn off.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might figure this out?


Since this is a recently new switch and there are no log entries for it, that implies that either there’s a wiring problem, and the switch thinks it is overheating and turning itself off, or it’s just a defective device.

As far as how you would troubleshoot either of those, I’m going to leave that to the electrical experts in the community like @Navat604 to discuss.

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