Every light came on at 4am!

Has anyone else had every light come on? For no reason! And being 4 am made it even better:rage:

Are they smart bulbs or switches or both? The reason I’m asking is a power outage even if short can cause smart bulbs to turn on when the power comes back up.


Check the logs to find out why.

As mentioned, if they are smart bulbs and not smart switches, like the GE Link, Cree Connected, etc. If they lose power or dips, even for a fraction of a second, they will turn on.

If that’s the case, it’s not SmartThing’s fault.

Ever since the android update, I am having issues with lights not turning off, different switches showing on when it’s not. It’s not power drops or dips. I think there is a bug in the app.


This is different to the problem you initially described.

I don’t think your problems have anything to do with the app. I think SmartThings is having Server problems. I’m experiencing similar issues.


I’ve been having the lights come on at around 10pm CST. This would be about 4am in the UK. Are you living in the UK by any chance?

No, in the midwest. The last 24 hours have seemed normal now.