Triggers turning lights on, but not off! Why oh why?!

I finally had my lights working great after lots of issues and setup obstacles and it was working great for awhile. I have a ton of lights trigger on based on either motion detection, a schedule, or a door opening/closing. They were working fine up until yesterday. Now, the lights trigger on, but the off triggers don’t work. I leave my house only to find that a ton of lights were on the whole day. I tested and tested, and for some reason, they won’t turn off based on triggers!

WHY! And how do I fix this?

I checked No issues right now. So that’s not it.

+1 for me too. I’ve seen more than one posts in the community that raised this issue.
Turning lights on based on motion detection works quite well; but turning off “after x min of no motion” does NOT. On the other hand, lights do turn off when when “turn off after x min of no motion” isn’t set. I hope someone can shed some light on this issue.

Reach out to support. As much as we (the community) would love to help you, in this case support is your best bet. They are awesome people and always work to get you up and running with fervor.

It’s not just you. Everybody else has the same issue. Check the downtime and what we are doing thread which is pinned.

It’s not only that case. It’s the case where sunrise/sunset triggers don’t work either.

OK thanks, I’ll email them too.

My sunrise events did not fire today… I thought it had something to do with the daylight saving time but I waited an extra hour+ to see if it will turn off but it didn’t.

Edit: And as soon as I hit Reply, I get the notification from ST about the delays in sunrise/sunset events.

STs just updated their status page

Saw that. Glad they’re on it!

I’ve had the same problem w/ some of my switches, where it will turn off but not turn on. I’ve reset my hub, and flipped the switch on the breaker to reset my outlets as well.

Still very inconsistent behavior the last 4 days.

The status page said it’s resolved. Can anyone confirm?

I just got the push alert from the app that it changed my mode to “Evening” based on the sun setting, but none of the switches that result from this mode change fired. It’s been broken since the update last week.

  1. Have you tried rebooting your hub sine last outage?
  2. Try sunset with an offset of 1 minute before or after which works for me. Don’t do plain sunset. Don’t ask me why.

Looks like the issues were resolved per the status updates smartthings had up.

Confidmed! Thank u ST team.