All the lights went out

Not sure if this is the right place to put this but if not I’m sure someone will tell me. Last Friday while watching the Olympics w/some friends, suddenly all my smart lights went out at once. One is on a Leviton z-wave plus switch, the rest are Leviton z-wave plus plugs. This was around the same time I got an email notification that ST was having issues.

This is the first time something like this has happened to me - I’ve been using ST for about two months. Is this typical when the system is having issues? I can live w/the smart features occasionally being down for brief interruptions, but having the lights go wonky isn’t something I want to deal with on a regular basis!

This happens to me whenever I drink too much. When I wake, the lights are usually back on. Don’t know if it’s a cloud thing but things gets very cloudy…



I have the occasional light turn on on it’s own. Maybe happens two or three times a month (awesome when it’s 3am - even had a desk lamp cycle on and off every 5 minutes the other night all on it’s own, lol). You will see several threads on these types of issues if you dig and while some can be explained with automations folks have forgotten about, many are not explained. I tried working with ST Support but despite their efforts to help “there was nothing in their deepest, darkest logs that could explain it” so it was dismissed as a hardware/device issue).

I haven’t had ALL my lights go off as you’ve described though. And when it happens across devices like that you know it has to be a platform issue.

Sorry I don’t have an answer for you.

Thanks for trying, lol. This is the first time I’ve had anything act on it’s own - the other issues I’ve had were not being able to control stuff thru the cloud when they were having issues. Interestingly even when the ST app reports devices off-line I’ve still always been able to control them w/my Echo.

Guess I will just have to wait and see what happens …

This can be when the ‘Device Health’ in ST does not work properly and reports the device offline when it really isn’t. Device Health is another ongoing issue unfortunately - ST continue to fine tune it. Often you can even still operate the device from the ST mobile app while it says offline if the reason it says offline is a Device Health hiccup.

I had an issue shorty after I started using ST back in December where a couple of devices were reporting offline but actually seemed to be working so I turned off device health. Then they said they had fixed some stuff so I turned it back on. It seems like it would be a useful feature if it actually worked. I guess I will turn it off again.

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Could someone have told Google Home to turn off the lights? If I do that (on or off) and don’t specify a room or light it toggles them all.

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Hmm. I had a google home that I’m lending to one of my kids. Maybe he did it.

Either as mentioned, Google Home/Amazon Echo being told to turn everything off or alternatively, if you have a routine that’s configured to turn everything off and that accidentally triggered.

I’ve only ever had all my lights turn on/off when I accidently told Google home to turn lights on/off without telling it which room. As for individual lights, I could probably count on one hand the number of times one has turned on/off in the last 2-3 years I’ve had the system running. My system isn’t huge, probably 50 or so devices.

Interesting … so 50 isn’t huge? I have 7 devices so far. Obviously just getting started but given that the switches I’m using are $50 a pop, I doubt I’ll want to have more than 50!

Tell us this same thing at the end of the year and I will believe you. :slight_smile:

The addiction will take over at some point. I want to do this. Oh if I do this, then I can do this. Chaching, chaching, chaching :slight_smile:

Lightbulbs, switches, motion, open close sensors, cameras, thermostats, smoke detectors, locks, Echos, GH, yada yada yada


Agreed. Just wait till you start watching for sales. Its hard to pass up some of these deals like $7 Sengled bulbs and $10 Visonic contact sensors. Been a while since I saw a good run on motion sensors though. Once I got passed retro fitting a lot of in wall switches, which never get “cheap”, then my device count took off as I looked for other things to fill the addiction.


LOL. I can totally see that. But I think I counted 53 switches in the house and no way am I replacing them all. Alimony payments will force me to move slowly … :roll_eyes:

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180 here and I know that dwarfs in comparison to some on here, lol.

(Six of the 180 are virtual devices).

What?! Wow. That’s crazy. There should be something in the profile section so folks can describe their setups. I can’t imagine having that many devices. Altho I guess technically I have 10 already since I have three Echo’s.

Think about it. It’s not just light switches. There can be outlets, motion, leak and contact sensors, etc, plus that does include devices from integrations like Nest stuff, Harmony. It can add up fast.

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True, if you are using it for security I could see the number of devices adding up fast. I don’t plan to use it for that, and I will have a minimal number of smart outlets, so that cuts down my count pretty fast. I will have some motion sensors eventually though so maybe I’ll end up with more stuff than I think.

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You will. Clearance sales will be your best friend. I figured mine would be small too but as you finish each room you want to do another. I just finished counting (haven’t done that in awhile) and with the addition of the Google homes, Harmonies, IP cameras, mini-motes, etc. I actually have 69 devices and can see where I could add more. I’m glad my house is only 1100 sq. ft. and for reference, I only have 4 outlets in my system. There are a lot more things than switches and outlets. :blush:

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Another phantom light issue last night - the Leviton DZ1KD-1BZ turned on all by itself. Suppose I should start keeping a log of this to aid in debug.