Are you able to manually set armed/away status in SHM in newer (not classic) app?

I’ve always like the classic app over the newer app for ST. But I’m getting ready to move into our new home and have noticed adding new devices is going to be much easier with the newer app. My big problem is I can’t find where to manually set armed/away or disarmed status on the SHM.
I searched the board and didn’t find any definitive answers to this question. I only noticed some people saying it used to be there and now its not.

Help! I need my manual set of armed/away.

assuming you have installed STHM in the new app. You should see the panel on the main page.

FYI… SHM in the Classic and STHM in the new app are completely separate apps. You would need to install it in the new app. Also, changes made in one app is not reflected in the other.

to add STHM in the new app, click the + in the upper right of the screen and select Add SmartApp and from there you can activate STHM.

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BINGO!! That did it! Thank you so much. Didn’t realize I needed to install it separately.

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