Are there any zwave compatible TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) for and old home in the US?

I have an old victorian home that is heated with radiators tied into a new energy efficient hot water boiler. (not steam) I am looking to see if there are any eTRVs that will work with ZWave in the US. Ive seen several systems, but they only seem to be in the UK/Europe where radiator heat is still very common.

Help? Suggestions? Are there any of the UK/European ones that work in the US?


bump - looking for this as wel.

I’ve been looking since before I bought a ST hub in July 2015. As far as I can tell the answer’s no.

The European Z-wave frequency is different than the US frequency. You could probably get a z-wave gateway (ST or other) that has the European frequency, even in the US if you order one online. But technically it would be illegal to use it, since it’d be operating on a frequency other than what the FCC intends. Plus you’d be creating a completely separate network for your TRV, and it wouldn’t be able to integrate with anything else in your setup.

Sadly, I also haven’t found anything for the US. Even finding any sort of programmable TRV that we can use here in the US has was extremely difficults (so that one can adjust the radiators on some sort of schedule).

Difficult but you found one? Or not at all?

I did not find anything here in the US that could integrate with SmartThings. I ended up buying programmable TRVs from Europe that work well but don’t integrate with SmartThings.


Which one?

I bought the ELV Max! Valves and cube, as they were reasonably inexpensive and seemed straightforward enough that they would work outside of Europe.

They do work fine and allow each radiator to follow its own schedule (and allow each room to function as an independent zone). The downsides are that they are in Celsius (not that big of a deal) and the time zone is hard coded to Europe (so my schedules are all 5 hours off).

I wasn’t able to find any electronic valve/programmable valve made for the US market, so I went with this. So far I am feeling that they were worth it, but would love to eventually find something designed for the US market.