Are there ANY plug-in dimmers for LED bulbs that can handle superlow wattage?

It seems all of the plug-in dimmers are not built to handle the low wattages of LED bulbs. This means that unless you have about ~20 Watts worth of bulbage, the LEDs will not fully turn off. They will always have a very slight glow because there is a tiny amount of current still flowing through.

This can be averted using hard-wired dimmers with a neutral wire. But I don’t know if it’s possible with a plug-in dimmer.

Can anyone weigh in here if there are any plug-in dimmers that can fully dim LED bulbs all the way to 0%?

As a side note, I’ve found a workaround by plugging my lamps into a dual plug with an unhooked phone charger. The charger trickles just enough voltage to allow the LEDs to dim dark enough to be unseen. But this is a really stupid workaround.

None that I know of of the ones that currently integrate with SmartThings.

Have you considered using smart bulbs instead? Mostly easily dim down to 5%, and some will go as low as 1%.

Those are nice, but I’m trying to dim radio-style lamps and some smaller
e12 and e14 base bulbs.

Your ingenuity is astounding! However, some of the lights I want to dim are literally only 2 Watts. I need something that can dim down to 0.1 W, or something insane like that.


This seems to be the suggested solution on many home automation boards. So it looks like you were ahead of the curve on that one. :wink:

I don’t know if @Navat604 or one of the other electrical experts in the community might have any additional suggestions.

Thanks for all the fantastic solutions. I think any of these ideas would work great - I’m a novice and can do some light electrical stuff, but just depends on how much I want to tinker… and theoretically someone should be manufacturing low wattage dimmers any day now.

The 12V idea is great for LEDs, maybe the industry will head that direction. The whole dimmer infrastructure has been dependent on incandescent bulbs allowing a certain amount of invisible leakage - nobody ever thought it would be an issue til now. Makes me wonder if you could fit a 12v transformer inside a dimmer…

Does your light plug have neutral and line polarity? If not try plugging the plug upside down. That could help depending on the type of smart plug you have.
I would not recommend the resistor. I know it works but plugging in a charger is the same and safer.
The Fabaro bypass capacitor is for flickering problem and most likely won’t help with the glow problem.
They know about this low wattage glow caused by leakage issue since CFL days. It’s just a matter of cost.

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