Dimmable LEDs on zwave dimmers

(Cory S) #1

Are there LEDs that work well on GE zwave dimmers that don’t have a neutral wire?

(Realy Living Dream) #2

Any dimmable LED " should" work. " Dumb " bulbs have no way of knowing what type of switch is controlling them. They don’t care if you have a Pygmy standing in the closet touching the wires together as ling as they get power.

(Cory S) #3

The Issue I have had with dimmers that don’t have a neutral is they leak too much power through the circuit and flicker energy efficient bulbs. It is less of an issue if you have a lot of bulbs on the circuit, but even then the dimmer is calibrated for incandescent and the dim levels are messed up, like bulbs cutting out at 50%.

(sidjohn1) #4

It may be in your best interest to call an electrician to pull a neutral for you. I’ve had it one once and it wasn’t all that expensive in the whole automation scheme of things.

(Cory S) #5

I have neutrals most everywhere, its just I already have ~15 GE dimmers (which don’t have neutrals) and prefer to keep using them. Especially if newer LEDs are behaving better with them.

(Av8rdude) #6

Did you ever find a solution for these dimmers? I am just starting to replace a lot of bulbs and can’t use them with the GE in-wall dimmers.