Dimming Light Below 1% or Adjusting Low End of Dimmer

I have a GE/Jasco 12724 dimmer switch for my many lights on SmartThings. On my incandescent and halogen bulbs, 1% on the dimmer is low enough to make a very dim light. However, on my LED bulbs, 1% is still quite bright. This makes sense because the LEDs require less watts and so the minimum still lights them up quite a bit. On my Lutron switches, there is a micro adjustment to set the low side of the dimmer. The exact same LED bulbs on my Lutron switches go much dimmer than on my GE smart dimmer at 1%. How can I get my smart GE switch to send less watts at 1% than it currently does?

Bump, have the exact same question… is it possible with customized device handler or other tooling?