Are iris devices still compatible?


Yes. Held reset button for 10 secs…put battery in. Held for another second or 2 and let go.

(Ron Talley) #22

Weird because they typically stock the one that are ST compatible…I never seen these stocked until recently. Wonder why they would restock with older models. :roll_eyes:


Probably somebody found a pallet in the stockroom, or they’re clearing out inventory from another store based on past sales history at this one. It happens. :sunglasses:


Alright so I went to the store and looked and saw 2 diff boxes. The one I had was the small one. I just bought the bigger box and will test

(Mark) #25

The contact sensors I’ve purchased in the past came in that larger, purple box. Maybe the smaller box is the newest generation (3320-L2).

Did you compare the model #s on each box?


The small box has no model numbers. But I do remember seeing on the sensor itself it didn’t have a l2 just L.
The bigger box has just 1 L on it


Paired in seconds!! So people, do not buy the small box sensors!!!

(Bill Ho) #28

The small and large package of the version 2 sensors (L and L2) are identical. I just got a few of the L2 one in smaller box with new item number, the sensor inside actually has the 3320-L label on it. They just changed the package. I have no problem in pairing at all. Now I have 6 L and 5 L2 in my system. There is absolutely no difference. The Iris support has confirmed that too.