Aqara Water Leak Sensor E1 (SJCGQ13LM)

I’ve got an Aqara Water Leak Sensor E1 (model SJCGQ13LM) that I’m having trouble getting connected to SmartThings hub.

I’ve tried three ways of adding it, letting the hub scan it, scanning the QR code in the app, and selecting the model (T1 as E1 is not listed). All three end up with the sensor showing up as Zigbee Thing. In the past with DTH, I can usually go to the IDE and manually change the device type to the correct type. Is it possible to do it with Edge?

Do you have this driver installed? Zigbee Aqara Water Leak Sensor Mc

Yes. I also have the veon driver installed.

I have a few SJCGQ11LM, and under their driver option, I can select the veon driver or the Mc driver. However, for SJCGQ13LM, there is nothing under its driver option. I’m guessing because neither has SJCG13LM in their fingerprint.yml?

I did not realize that it was a newer version, you will have to send @Mariano_Colmenarejo the fingerprint information to see if he can add it to his driver.

I have the same issue, Has anyone found a solution?