Aqara leak sensors stopped working April 2023

I too am having problems with my Aquara leak sensor. I have 3, and they were working fine using edge drivers until the last few days. Now all three are showing as offline, even if I physically push the button on them and/or put them in water.
And since they are offline, when I try to view the driver info in the smartthings app, the driver setting is greyed out. Plus I can no longer seem to repair them.

Anyone else run into this?

[Aqara leak sensors stopped workin* April 2024]

Sorry I can’t help on this one, but my sense of humor got the best of me - I’m replying and bookmarking to come back in a year to see if you are psychic and my leak sensors go offline or not. /s

On a serious note, I hope you find the solution. I’m surfing tonight trying to find out why a bunch of my Aeotec Z-wave switches have been acting unresponsive the last few days.


Hey wasn’t me (OP). :smile: One of the mods moved my post from another thread into its own and they made the typo :wink:

Meanwhile I fixed the title, plus with respect to my leak sensors, I was finally able to get one of them working by re-pair it, but it showed up as a new device for some reason when I did this.

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I have 11 leak sensors total. 6 are Aqara. I also have 2 Aqara temp humidity sensors. Over the last 6 months a few have gone offline.
Through trial and error, I’ve been able to determine I needed a ZigBee device closer to where a couple leak sensors would go offline. So far the problem is fixed. When they do go offline, I simply delete the device and repair and it comes back, name and all. I just have to move it back to it’s room. The temp and humidity sensors are more of a pain because I’m using them in a routine.

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