Aqara WXKG02LM 2016 Swtich Pairing with Smartthings Hub

I spent a couple of hours trying to pair the Aqara WXKG02LM 2016 Swtich with my SmartThings hub using the new app and I thought I would ask for help. I installed Channel and Drivers Web UI this to my hub “Xiaomi/Aqara Switch and Button” which was mentioned here [Edge] Driver for Aqara Switches and Remotes, then I press both buttons on the switch at the same time and keep holding them. The switch shines solid blue on both LEDs, then 7 blinks on both, then solid right LED only, then 7 blinks of both and repeat, the whole time I am scanning for nearby devices. The whole time I am holding both buttons. It is finding what I assume is my neighbour’s TV and speaker, but not this switch. I held this button many times for a very long time and pressed refresh on the andoid app. All articles I am finding are from 2019 and have to do with the classic app. The Hub firmware version is 000.040.00006, controller version (not even sure what a controller is) 2.2.15-4. The hub version is IM6001-V3P15

I tried to follow this video How to Integrate Aqara to SmartThings Guide in 2021 - YouTube but I can’t add the GitHub repo to my SmarThings handlers page, I get an error " You don’t have access to aonghus-mor/SmartThingsPublic"

Are you doing it next to the hub. Mine paired easily with the edge driver you described. Once it lights up I let go of the buttons and set it on top of the hub.

You’ll probably get the best answer if you ask in the author thread for the edge driver you are trying to use. But my first thought is that the edge driver may just not have downloaded yet. Because it runs on your own hub, it can take as much as 12 hours before it’s available. It’s usually sooner, but not always. So you should check with the edge Driver author to make sure that you have the newest version installed.

as the author I can tell, there is no way to tell who is using which version of the driver.
ST does not provide any way to see what is happening on the user’s hubs.

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Right, but can the user check for themselves? I meant only that The author should be able to tell the user what the newest driver version is. And then I thought that the user could check to see if that is the one they have. But maybe I am mistaken. :thinking:

the only way to get the installed but not assigned drivers is cli ,

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The twelve qhours thing shouldn’t be a factor here as explicit installs of Edge drivers on hubs happen immediately.

When the developer updates the channel with a new version of the driver then it can take up to twelve hours for that update to be applied on other users’ hubs. The developer can still install it immediately from the channel to their own hubs.

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I was sitting 1 meter away, but just to be sure I moved the Aquara switch 1 cm away from the hub. By the way when I stop pressing the buttons on the switch the lights stop blinking in just a few seconds so if this is any indication I doubt it is staying in pairing state.
Are you using the new ST app? Are you using a different version of the Aquara switch? Are you using a different version of the ST hub? Are you using this version of the driver on the hub (screenshot attached)?

I believe it is downloaded. I can see it on the ST mobile app on my android phone when I go to view the hub device → Drivers. Yes, I can try to ask the author of the driver since a few folks above mentioned that this is the right driver to use. Perhaps the switch is simply somehow defective? How would I know?

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I have v2 hub, using newest Android app on, and using the same driver.

Did you look in room not assigned after pairing?