Hue integration going nuts

I’m running into an issue here…

Setup involved:

  • St hub v2
  • hue bridge v1
  • 4 Innr E27 bulbs
  • Aqara switch
  • hue I + - O switch

It was working perfectly until a few days ago… Haven’t changed a thing…

Now only if I tap the buttons on the ST app will the lights turn on/off… But the physical buttons are ignoring me…


I don’t understand your question… what physical buttons?

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On the hue remote or the aqara switch…

The buttons on the hue hub are only for pairing bulbs. I don’t know about the Aqara switch so I can’t help there. If you want a physical button to control hue lights, buy a zinger button and program a smart app to activate lights upon push.

By the Hue buttons I meant this guy:


And the Aqara switch is the wireless zigbee wall switch, this guy:


The integration was working flawlessly until about a week ago… more or less until the time Philips announced the EOL of the V1…

So! My thought… if I unpair the bulbs from the Hue hub and pair them directly to ST… I know ST doesn’t recommend that but… given the situation… might be the best thing…

Started with the 27.9 firmware update?!

I have since then hue connectivity problems, intermittent online/offline.

One is a Hue bulb, the 2 others are Zigbee led strip controllers, all 3 connected to the Hue bridge.

Other lamps (Ikea) connected to the SmartThings hub directly works fine.

Grtn Ben

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Maybe… Not entirely sure… But recent it was…