Aqara Matter Door and Window Sensor P2: Thread Pairing Fails

I can’t add the Aqara Matter Door and Window Sensor P2 to my Smartthings Hub. My AEOTEC Smartthings Controller is version 2.3.29-7, Thread Network ST-3021730102, Firmware version 000.0051.00002.

It looks like the Aqara setup is trying to add “something” to my iCloud account. I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro Max, iOS Version 17.2.1 and “iCloud Passwords & Keychain” is turned on. I get the following errors befor ethe setup fails.

Anybody ideas ?

It’s trying to exchange/set up a security key for the matter over thread device. Those keys are stored in your iCloud account if you commission the device from an iPhone.

But I don’t know why you’re getting the error during the pairing process. Hopefully someone else has experience with that specific model. :thinking:

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As @JDRoberts mentioned, the security key for the Matter over Thread device is stored in your phone keychain and saved to your iCloud account. I assume you are clicking on the “Add to iCloud Account” as part of the commissioning process?

My experience with Matter over Thread devices being commissioned in the ST app is that if it fails, you need to factory reset the device or it will continue to fail. You may also need to go into your keychain in the iOS settings and delete the key associated with the device.

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Thanks. This was actually a simpler problem. My iPhone and the hub were on different WiFi networks. My internet connection is via a Spectrum modem & router, but the rest of the house is on a NetGear Orbi mesh. The hub was on the Spectrum and my iPhone was on the Orbi mesh. When I moved the iPhone from the Orbi mesh to the Spectrum WiFi it worked.


Hello! In the description of the sensor on the Aqara website it is written that the button on the body should become programmable. Can you currently assign any actions to the button?