Failing to add AQARA P2 door sensor via Thread to V3 Hub (error 39-504)

Hi, I tried a dozen of times to add an Aqara P2 Thread Door Sensor.
The device gets detected correctly, but then after a little wait while the appa says it’s adding the device, I get an error with code 39-504.

Any advice? I know from Brian ( @AutomateYourLife ) video that the device works with this kind of connection…

Some other community members have reported similar issues.

Check the following FAQ just in case there’s anything there that helps. :thinking:

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device? - #2 by JDRoberts

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I haven’t been able to add this same device to SmartThings either. I’ve added it to Apple Home and Home Assistant fine, but sharing to SmartThings never works.


thanks, yes I was expecting it to work as it’s Matter over thread, there must be some bug in the Thread part of the V3 hub.
Switchbot devices work fine over Matter instead…

I have to say tham I’m experiencing issues adding a Z-wave devices as well, the secure pairing fails, so I wonder if there’s a broader issue…

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Very well could be. I have an Eve Motion added to SmartThings via Matter for several months, so at one point adding a Matter over Thread device did work.

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