Aqara Camera Hub G2H Pro integration

Hi there, does anyone know how to connect Aqara camera hub G2H Pro to Smartthings through aeotec smart home hub?


Right now you can’t. :disappointed_relieved:

Once Aqara has released a firmware update for that model that enables Matter integration, You should be able to add it as a “matter bridge,” but you won’t see the camera functionality in smartthings. It can just bring in aqara as sensors that are connected to it.

If that’s what you want to do, you start in the aqara app, say you want to add it as a matter bridge there, and it will give you a code to use to add it to smartthings in the smartthings app.

But again, you won’t get any camera functionality from it in the smartthings app because at the present time matter itself does not support cameras.

And at the time of this post, Aqara has announced that the G2H Pro is gp8ng to eventually get Matter capability, but it’s not here yet. Right now only the G3, E1, and the non camera models have this capability. :thinking:

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How do I do that? Can’t find any option for using it as bridge. Should I reset it and reinstall it in Aquara app?

My bad—I just checked, and although the G2H Pro is on the list of aqara hubs that will eventually be Matter bridges via a firmware update, it appears that so far only the G3, the new E1, and the non camera hubs have received that functionality at the time of this posting. So you can’t yet do it with the G2H pro. Sorry for any confusion.

Once that model does get the update then, yes, you will start from the aqara app to set up a matter integration.

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