Appreciation Post

We have some key folks out here volunteering a lot of their time to help everyone through this groovy/edge conversion, so I figured I would take some time out of my day to thank some people. The two folks who have helped me the most are @Mariano_Colmenarejo and @JDRoberts. Thank you for everything you are doing on behalf of the Smartthings community, we appreciate your efforts, especially since it is out of the kindness of your heart.

So, I ask the rest of you…who do you want to shout out as lending a helpful hand and volunteering to make this transition easier for you?


I thought about starting one 1000 different times so thank you for doing so.

I’d add @TAustin for all his work on virtual devices and lan motion sensors (saved my Blue Iris integration)

A special thanks to @csstup for his work getting my gen 1 Homeseer FLS 100 sensors going. His 1:1 work really saved me.

I’m sure there are others so I’ll likely be back to add.


Thanks for the shout. I can think of lots of folks:

The developers who’ve already been mentioned like Mariano, TAustin, csstup, plus PhilH, veonua, Iquix, blueyetisoftware, Hong tat, ygerlovin, lmullineux, w35l3y, krlaframboise, bloodtick_jones, brbeaird, paul_oliver, etc

The folks who’ve been tracking all the various platform changes, and helping explain them to the rest of us: jkp, automated_house, HalD, NathanCU, h0ckeysk8er , orangebucket, andrew_bartlett, mlchelp, ikjadoon, and so on.

Plus all the folks with great questions like Fido, all4dom, diegocampy, nezmo, troy_owens and many more.

And of course, staff members like @nayelyz and @andresg .

I’m sure I’m leaving out a bunch of folks, this is a great community. :sunglasses:


Yes I am using some drivers from @philh30 @lmullineux @TAustin and have gotten some great tips from @h0ckeysk8er and @orangebucket posting all over the community, I’ll second (or third) them!


Hear hear. I have received lots of support from many of those already mentioned.

Samsung’s owes all of you a debt of thanks for making the transition to Edge drivers possible.

I can’t leave this list without a specific shout out to @w35l3y for his EF00 driver that has opened up a huge volume of Tuya zigbee devices to ST.