In appreciation of ST

Please no negative comments. Each and every ST person has gone far and beyond to get us thru this stage. They commend us. It’s the time to commend them on endless hours, patience and get us rolling. Any out of ordinary story to appreciate what they have done and gone out of their way past expectations to help us…no negatives! It’s a little gesture on our part to show them our love.


The combination of virtual switches in SmartThings, IFTTT, and Amazon echo integration is astonishing. I don’t think there’s anything out there like it even in the $10,000 environmental control systems. The power and flexibility is fantastic.

In addition to the great work that SmartThings staff did, I also want to thank the many community members who helped work out the best way to get switches working with echo, and @MichaelS who wrote a smartapp to simplify the action process. :tada:


On my part I am a heart patient and have chronic pancreatitis and had a hard time struggling to live, when ST entered my life to turn on lights when mother-in -law visited me from India to take care of me and I decided to place a motion sensor to turn on the lights when she goes to the bathroom at night and doesn’t fall in a split level house. She didn’t and since then ST got me at first hello… A typical jerry McGuire moment. You complete me… And here I am! I live for ST and this community. @geko is my buddy and @april … aah! Is what I can say! Please keep it clean and admire the ST staff for all they have done for us.


I have tons of occasions when @ben, @tyler, @april, Chris p, Eric, Charles, Jessica and all the names have gone far and beyond the expectations to help me out. Please help this thread to show our appreciation. Please do respond. They are all our brothers and sisters in arm… Except one I am infatuated with… The most helpful! And a friend in arms. @juano2310! And I didn’t list @tslagle13 coz he is my brother and my best friend. I wouldn’t have lived 2015 without ST as it gave me a reason to live.

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Thanks Ron! Definitely appreciate your kind words. Threads like this remind us why we do what we do.


Now, if only there was a way to have a SmartApp listen for that damn Amazon Echo commercial that keeps triggering her and play “Alexa, STOP!” through a Sonos…


Nothing but love to the smartthings family!!! For over 10 years I’ve wanted to do home automation. I am not a programmer, I am not a coder, and I’m not a techie. Finally somebody made it easy enough for the average person to make a dream come true. I get a little giddy when the house welcomes me home and lights turn on. It seems like such a simple thing, but it brings me a little extra joy every time. I can’t begin to name all the wonderful people that I’ve encountered from smartthings that have help me put this awesome set up together. I have nothing but appreciation for all the things that you’ve done for me and my home. Smartthings, you rock!!!


@duncan the zwave plus guru. Charlie Stella, suk! Luv ya all.

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Well I haven’t had an opportunity to work with them yet but I know full well what it takes to put on a show like they did at IFA so I appreciate that, I just hope they are doing what you’re supposed to do after a show every night which is go and get plastered in the local pub! Cheers!

What I can appreciate already is this community and the amount of stuff they have developed to make unsupported devices work and supported devices even better. I can’t say that I will be able to do what you do but I hope one day I will be able to contribute something that helps others out too.


I’m just going to stay in this nice, cozy thread. Don’t make me go back out there.:smiley:


Not only do I appreciate the ST forum team, I am really thankful for the folks in email support who don’t give up on me, whether it is a ST issue or a 3rd party issue, they are great, and this is a really long run on sentence I know.

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wow! This is very nice. Thank you for all your kind words guys! The community and their forum users are the reason why I love my job!


WOW is all i can say. Your guys definitely expanded the features of the system. Thanks

I like the new Android App and it is clear that much thought has been given to its new design. Thanks ST.

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I haven’t been this excited about ST in quite awhile. Starting with the echo integration and continuing with all the news yesterday, they have really stepped it up as of late. I sincerely hope this continues.

Great job!

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Love the new app on Android you guys! Also the IDE enhancements have been amazing. I feel like I bought into something that just keeps getting better.
From one software engineer to another… well done all of you!

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For all those in support. Hang in there. You have the toughest job. Just take it one ticket at a time (preferably mine, they are easy, trust me.)

Take the mandated 15 minute break every two hours. Get some fresh air, drink some coffee (or beverage of choice).

Oh and don’t read the forums, except this thread…

For the engineers. You have been working hard, no one questions that. But Murphy’s law is a pain. Lots of moving pieces… Keep pushing on, keep trying to make it better.

For the managers. Remember the people that work for you are humans, they make mistakes. Its how you respond in this time of need. Be there for them, buy them coffee, donuts, cake, kale, whatever they like.

For all other ST employees, hang in there… This too shall pass.

Lots of new stuff. Big steps forward, a few steps back. Progress is never easy.

“Failure is not falling down, it is stay down” -Anonymous (not the hacker group)


Also, I’ll just leave this here:


And absolutely No Smoking during the breaks! :wink: Beer is allowed!

We don’t have nearly as many things as others here, but what we have has been very convenient. The addition of Echo integration was a lot of fun. My daughter has had fun with it.

Seeing how people use ST, especially the sophistication and inventiveness of @JDRoberts, it is great to see how it can truly make a difference beyond the “first world problems” of “gee, I would really like my door to unlock when I get home so I can walk in with bags of groceries.”

With IoT really taking off (we can discuss bubble somewhere else!), I can’t wait to see what great “things” start appearing over the next year or so. The foundation that ST has laid down has truly led to some wonderful and inventive developments by the community.