Special Thanks the Community's Best

I just wanted to give a shout out and special thanks to a number of developers and regulars who, at least over my last year and so of using ST, have made the experience rewarding, fun and lively. Even with the time to time hiccups and failures of the platform or the temporal limitations of the architecture they continued to see the potential of system.
They have personally helped guide and direct newcomers and regulars alike to getting their HA up and running by endlessly answering questions over and over. Not to mention the hours spent writing code and sharing with the community or specific people.
They are our code slingers, Github royalty, how-to-creators and seasoned guides. Just a short list of these fantastic individuals:


Special mention to a couple ST staff who are also a great help.

Again Thank you all for all the help, impassioned discussions, and for making this community something I enjoy coming back to day after day.

p.s. (if I forgot you I sincerely apologize) :slight_smile:


Thanks @jelc29

You are just as valuable here. We’re a community and all function together. Glad to have ya here!!


Also @bravenel, master of the motion sensor :wink: You can only mention 10 people per post. No offense is meant if I didn’t mention you. :slight_smile: There are so many. I couldn’t possibly name them all. But to all of you you have my greatest thanks. This is by far the best forum/community out there. “Applause!!!”


I’d like to mention:


Hope I got that right. My nerd phone doesn’t always play right.

His Ecobee work is as versatile and tireless!

Also @ethayer

That guy is the poster child for this forum and embodies what the community is all about!


Thanks for the shout out! You guys are the best!

Don’t forget huge props for @625alex’s SmartTiles – the Number 1 installed Community developed SmartApp!

(OK: I’m biased. I’m trying to drum up Community support for Version 6 – a big overhaul – and subtly remind folks that find it useful and see its great potential for feature growth; that Alex really appreciates the donations still trickling in. :wink:).


Aaahhhh Man, I totally forgot @625alex He was the 1st person I followed on the forums. Man So sorry lol. :smiley:


Hey! Thanks a lot… I am nowhere in the same league and intellectual level with the other guys you mention. I am just a learner like you are! :slight_smile: at least you gave me a reason to smile! Thanks! It’s one community!