Apple Watch slow to load

Is it just me or does ST on the Apple Watch take an abnormal amount of time to load? I just got the watch so maybe I am being too picky but it seems to get stuck at the spinning wheel for too long. I like the app and it seems to be the most responsive and works all the time but the loading kills it for me.
I have tried SmartRules which loads quick but sometimes the commands work and sometimes they don’t. Although they do seem to work all the time if I use the widgets directly from my phone just not the watch.
Just curious what others experience.

This is how it is. Unfortunately with watch os 1.0 all of the apps run Bluetooth via your phone and some are even slower than others. With OS 2.0 available now, developers have the choice of running the apps locally on the watch and they are much snappier. Unfortunately, ST has not modified their app yet to do so but once they do, it will be snappier.

Ok good so there is hope :smile:
Thanks for letting me know.

What do you use @Mbhforum , the ST app or something else?

You may want to PM or email @obycode directly as I’m sure he would be interested in getting it working 100%.


I use the ST app once in awhile. I find that I use my Apple Watch mostly for notifications as the apps in general are buggy and slow.

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Yes, we are aware of some occasional inconsistencies when using the watch app. Issues like these seem to be common across many AppleWatch apps. Our new update, which is currently waiting for SmartThings approval uses the new features of watchOS2 to communicate directly with SmartThings instead of going through the phone first. This seems to be much more reliable. Hopefully this update will be available next week.


Perfect!!! Thanks for letting me know, @obycode Your app seemed to work the best for me as far as loading. Quick question, is there a way to set the order of each each widget in the watch app? Right now I don’t see how they are ordered and it does not seem consistent.

No there is no way to set the order yet. Ordering and grouping of rules is coming in the next update (not the one that is currently waiting for approval, but the following one).

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