App Response Time - Please, Fix This

I realize this is likely futile but just let me vent. Yes, I know this isn’t an official support forum but the official support channels are basically worthless and I’m frustrated. Very frustrated.

The recent app changes were pretty but they still did not address the chronically slow load times of device status. It literally can take 3 or 4 minutes before you get an accurate status and are able to control your device. How is this acceptable?! It’s not. And it’s been this way for years now.

I use an Apple Watch app that a member here created and the response times are instant. Does Samsung not see how ridiculous that is?!

And don’t even get me started on room and device ordering. I tried official support channels and all I can say is … really? Why let me reorder anything if it’s not supposed to remember. Yeah, nah.

Please please fix this. I’m astounded that this is still going on.



What apple watch app?

Yeah we have also noticed that the latest iOS app is now running even slower than the previous release and can take anywhere from 30 seconds to over a minute to render the plugins / tiles. The web app however is rocking the speed.

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Droid is also slow, its fine if your not in rush to switch something on or off but if the thing you want is in a room and you are in a rush… omg it’s frustrating

Even if its stuck to the ‘favorites’ screen, it is faster than finding devices buried in a room but there is still the pain of watching icons open shut open shut and finally settle to the actual state

No to animated icons and instead just use freakin colours and a load bar or spinney thing 《~~ technical term

In my experiences with support there has been no acknowledgement of any issues. I am corresponding on the Scene/Widget bug reported in another thread and “reinstall” is the only advice given.

The failure to save basic order settings and the slow speed of device updates is just terrible.

I would agree, that web interface (though it doesn’t seem to allow reordering of items) is pretty fast.

Obviously this is not a priority for Samsung.

Pretty bad form and incredulous that they can’t get this stuff running smoothly after all these years.

They need to hire some folks who developed the Hue apps.